AKRA Tech Updates For 2014


From the Office Of AKRA



The following updates are in effect as of the above date shown on this notice.

Page 49: Carburetor Requirements

Phenolic spacer must be flat across entire gasket mating surface, with a minimum thickness on gasket surface of .265" (not including gasket). Gasket surfaces must remain parallel ... no angle cutting allowed. Center inlet hole is NON-TECH ( size, configuration, finish), but no rifling, grooving, dimpling, etc. allowed. Maximum mounting hole(s) size .300" NO-GO (checked with .300"+ pin gauge)". Phenolic spacer/gasket(s) subject to spray test to check for leakage or introduction of air into intake track. .."

Page 49: Valve Train


The ruling on the .045 shim thickness includes the oil seal if used.
The valve stem seal has no tech other than it's thickness combined into the max of .045 to obtain a min of .815 installed spring height..
In other words, the valve stem seal can be used or not used and is no longer a tech item unless used as a shim. Also the rubber inside it is a non tech item..


Note: A special thanks to the newly formed Steering Committee for there work on these current issues.