AKRA Tech Updates For 2013

Effective 2-15-2013
(Changes are in Blue or Underlined)

Important Note: All parts must be Box Stock factory production parts unless otherwise
specified in this rules manual. No machining or alteration of parts is allowed unless
specifically noted. All parts will be subject to a comparison to a know Box Stock part (when
performing a "stock part" comparison check it is recommended to use a + /- .005” tolerance). Tumbling of engine parts is strickly prohibited. Engine will be teched as raced. There will also be a $200 claiming rule in place for this engine or $300 if engine has billet steel flywheel (BSFW-1) installed (Track or Series Option).
Refusing to accept the claimer will result in immediate disqualification of competitor along with forfeiture of any points earned to date in class. Competitor will also not be allowed to compete any longer in that class.

Page 48:

Cylinder Head Requirements: Must be OEM casting only. Porting and / or grinding are not permitted. (Valve seats may have up to three angles, 45 degrees valve face and 30 degrees top relief and 60 degree bottom relief). (Special Note: There are heads that have been in production since 2005 that also have a very slight 60 degree bottom relief on the seat). Intake seat maximum ID .897”, Exhaust seat maximum ID .862”. Outside face of valve may not be below floor of combustion chamber (i.e. don’t sink the valves). Stock head bolts only, must have four. Head gasket/s maybe after market, must be of stock configuration, gasket thickness is a non tech item, (add) sealer allowed to insure proper seal. Depth check between the valves, front to back and side to side may not vary by more than .005” max. No copper or aluminum gaskets allowed. Any stock configuration exhaust gasket allowed, sealer permitted.

Carburetor requirements: add(Black Phenolic spacer must be flat across entire gasket mating surface with a minimum thichness on gasket surface of .265”. Deburring of inlet track allowed to remove flashing only. Any attempt of inducting air into the intake port other than through the carburetor bore is not allowed.)

Page 49:

Valve Train: Stock valve cover only with any stock configuration gasket, sealer allowed. Factory stock rocker arms 1:1 ratio and push rods only. Stock valves only 45 degree angle only both valves, Intake valve Max OD .982” +/- .005” and Exhaust valve Max OD .945” +/-
- 48 - .005”, no modifications allowed. (add)Single valve springs only. (delete)Only Box Stock valve springs.

Effective 4-15-13

Piston and Rings: Must be unaltered Box Stock only. No machining of piston and rings
allowed. add(Piston rings must be self supporting in cylinder bore and concentric to cylinder bore. Oil ring assembly must be self supporting in cylinder bore when checked installed on piston with connecting rod attached. Cutting or altering oil expander ring is not allowed. End gap of compression ring is non tech.)

Effective 2-15-13


Page 51:

Valve Train: add(Champion Rocker Arm assembly and valve cover allowed.)

Page 53:

Valve Train: add(Champion Rocker Arm assembly and valve cover allowed.)